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Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre

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Bilietai į: Disney's The Lion King - London

Disney's The Lion King - London

4.8 (2023)
Nuo 58,20 €

Disney’s award-winning musical The Lion King explodes with glorious colours, stunning effects and enchanting music. It follows the powerful story of Simba as he journeys from wide-eyed cub to his destined role as King of the Pridelands.

Svarbiausia informacija

- Ensure your tickets to this insanely popular musical
- Choose your own seats
- Experiencing the powerful 'Circle of Life' opening
- Enjoy the music by Elton John
- Stunning puppetry brings beloved characters to life
- Enjoy an award-winning musical for the whole family

Ko galiu tikėtis?

When the young lion prince Simba is born, his evil uncle Scar is pushed back in line for the throne. Scar plans to kill both Simba and his father, King Mufasa, so he can take over the throne and become king. Simba survives but believes he is responsible for his father's death and decides to flee the kingdom.

It's a splendid musical and one of the most popular in London and New York right now.

In The Lion King, the savannah comes alive in London's West End! The songs in The Lion King include 'Circle of Life', 'Hakuna Matata', and 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'.

Facts about The Lion King:
The musical had its world premiere in London in October 1999. It requires 50 cast members, plus an additional 100 people backstage, to make each performance happen, and there are more than 232 puppets in the show! The musical has won multiple awards on Broadway, the West End, and around the world.

More than 110 million people have experienced the show worldwide! That many people can't be wrong!

Who's the team behind it?
The text and music are by Tim Rice and Elton John. Julie Taymor directs this musical version of Disney's incredibly popular movie, The Lion King. She actually won a Tony Award® for 'Best Director of a Musical', becoming the first woman ever to do so.

Kaip tai veikia?

How do I get my tickets?
Your e-tickets will be emailed directly to you shortly after your booking is complete.

Svarbi informacija

Please note: Strobe lighting is used several times during the show. 

Is this suitable for me?

The Lion King the musical is suitable for all ages, young and adults alike. The musical is especially popular among families. It's recommended for children from age 6. Please be aware that children under 3 years old will not be admitted. 

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Tuesday to Saturday 7:30 Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2.30pm


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Lyceum Theatre

21 Wellington Street London WC2E 7RQ


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